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Astral Pex-Pro ( Pex Pipes)

Redefine advanced plumbing solutions today with one of the most flexible, convenient, and efficient piping systems offered today by global leader Astral.

Applicable for a range of hot and cold plumbing requirements, this piping system is the best fit for all kinds of residential and commercial uses including: 

  • Apartments
  • Airports
  • Villas – Shopping malls – Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Arcades and 
  • Commercial buildings, etc

In addition to the above, the ISO 15875-1 and ISO 15875-2 certified Astral Pex Pro is available in a series of sizes ranging from 16mm to 32mm and is one of the most compact piping systems that require less wall room through the structure it is being installed in. A series of brass and PPSU fittings further make this a complete piping solution that is both stable, and reliable in the long run.

Designed for an increased lifeline, this non-corrosive, non-conductive, heat-resistant, piping system comes with certain additional benefits, like:

  1. A material composition that makes the pipes robust enough to withstand high pressure and temperatures 
  2. Great tensile strength and memory that have been used to its advantage, incorporated in the installation process that eliminates all forms of external processes like pipe crimping
  3. The material and pipes are engineered in a manner that makes it quick and easy to install and maintain at any point in isolation where the damaged part can easily be fixed using hot air, or replaced with an extractable elbow
  4. A manifold installation process that reduces the risk of structural damage
  5. An expansion ring technology that uses plastic memory to ensure water tightness and an equal inner diameter that eases the flow of water unrestricted through the entire pipe.