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ACO Lighting Channels

Combined with its surface water drainage abilities, ACO has developed a range of lights along with several channeling solutions to enhance the aesthetic of various parts of a space.

Loved by architects and developers, these lighting channels are mostly used in the:

  1. Entrances 
  2. Promenades
  3. Courtyards 
  4. Pavements
  5. Patios 
  6. Private parkings 
  7. Open landscaped areas

And more…

Creative, pleasing to the eye, and technically sound, while ACO offers several lighting solutions on demand, the two core products in this line of solution are the ACO Eyeleds and ACO Lightpoint.

Key features of these products include:

  1. Watertight cable connections 
  2. Working life of 100,000 hours 
  3. Full range of channel accessories 
  4. Strong, durable, steady drainage structures built from high strength, recycled PP 
  5. Ideal for catchment areas from 100m2 to 2000m2
  6. The unique ACO ‘V’ shaped cross section for easy flow of water and self-cleansing properties in small (Eyeleds) and large (Lightpoint) ranges
  7. A range of load bearing capacities
  8. RGB technology available for the ACO Lightpoint, and choice of white and blue LEDs for the ACO Eyeleds

The ACO Eyeleds system is certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class B 125, while the ACO LightPoint System is certified to BS EN 1433:2002 Load Class D 400.

While the Eyeleds are used more often for domestic projects and relatively light duty, small scale external areas, the Lightpoint is designed for more large scale, commercial use. This could include commercial complexes, sporting arenas, and more.