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The number one supplier of standard pumps in Japan, we have a strategic alliance with Ebara Water Pumps, the leader of reliable, high quality pumps manufactured and used at a global scale.

Used in a range of critical applications, these pumps have proven most effective for:

  1. Building systems
  2. The oil and gas industry
  3. Public works 
  4. In electric power generation

And a range of other standard and unique applications

Ideal for the safe transfer of liquids under high pressure, the Ebara pumps, used for units and systems, are available in a range of standard and customized solutions that meet a variety of needs that cover the daily supply and drainage of water, transfer of fluids in various industrial application In:

  • Sewerage systems
  • River drainage systems 
  • Irrigation, etc.

These facilitate comfort, progress, and an upliftment of the overall quality of life. These engineered pumping solutions are designed to solve infrastructure-related problems at a varying range of scales including those prevalent at pump stations, treatment plants, and tunnels, amongst others.