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ACO Multiline

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ACO Multiline

Setting new benchmarks in the field of surface water drainage systems, the ACO Multiline channel is adaptable and comes with a wide range of potential variations. Compliant with DIN EN 1433 specifications with a very large safety margin and finished with three options for rim edge, six load classes, six distinct widths, and four materials on grates, this system covers almost all professional applications. The load classes include:

  1. Class A 15 for traffic areas
  2. Class B 125 for pavements, parkings, and more, 
  3. Class C 250 for kerb areas, pavements and streets, 
  4. Class D 400 for road traffic lanes, freeway parking lots and more, 
  5. Class E 600 for non-public traffic areas like industrial traffic lanes, and 
  6. Class F 900 for special areas like aircraft handling areas at cvil and military airports


Along with this, the unique cross section of the V-profile has been technically designed to improve drainage capacity and facilitate a self-cleansing process that reduces the time, effort, and cost of maintenance hugely in the long run.

Some other features that make this the ideal product solution for water drainage include:

  1.  Increased strength and stability due to the side wall structure and intelligent material distribution 
  2. Ease of installation and use
  3. Universality to use with all gradient types 
  4. A watertight channel body up to the edge rails
  5. Additional safety margins in compliance with DIN EN 1433

The core advantage that the Multiline offers is its versatility of use including: 

  1. A pre-fabricated system that makes it modular and easy to handle, install, and maintain 
  2. Neutral channel with no gradient – End outlet 
  3. Continuous sloped channels – End outlet 
  4. Combination of sloped and constant depth channel – End outlet 
  5. And Constant depth channels installed with site slope – End outlet