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ACO Roof Gullies

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ACO Roof Gullies

Architectural styles are always influenced by a range of factors prevalent in natural and built surroundings. In India, this means various features that are commonplace – including flat roofs for a majority homes in the country.

Supporting these sophisticated systems are a range of ancillary components like the roof gullies for vertical and horizontal outlets. Made of cast iron and stainless steel, these, together with the overall product solutions, are designed to offer you the best of hydraulic engineering combined with software backing and years of research and experience to result in the effective, durable, and optimal functioning of your roof drainage systems that cover a range of scales, functions, and emergency situations.

Functional solutions by global leader ACO, certified according to EN 1253-1 and especially built for flat roofs, these product solutions help remove rainwater effectively with the combination of gravity and a vacuum technology for roofs with larger surface areas (150 m² or more).

While these roofs do offer a range of advantages to the functionality and aesthetic of homes, roof drainage can be so complicated an area if not done correctly, that it can swiftly and silently become the cause for a lot of problems including water leakage and more in no time.