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Bathroom Fittings​

Conscious about the water consumption patterns that come with daily use, Schell has developed a range of bathroom fittings to help reduce wastage by almost up to 70% if used consciously.

Simple, safe, sustainable, these economic solutions combines health, form, and function, in a range of product solutions that are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, showers, urinals, wash basins, and more.

Some of these product solutions include:

  1.  Health Faucets
    1. A locking lever that allows for either a steady flow of water or a stop and go motion
    2. Reduces water consumption by up to 40%
    3. Designed for comfort and quality
  2. Angular Valves
    1. 700+ million installations across the world 
    2. Reduces water consumption by up to 40% 
    3. Available with a range of supporting accessories
  3. PRS & Exposed Dual Flush Valve 
    1. Made from brass 
    2. Conformed to DIN EN 12541 
    3. Self-closing cartridge with automatic nozzle cleaning needle

Known for its ‘legendary Schell quality’, these products offer just that: quality of the highest level with regular tests conducted to better the overall product solution brought to the market.