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ACO Recess Covers

Manhole covers are usually not very appealing and are just to “get the job done.” However, ACO, a solutions company has looked into it’s aestheics and functionality at the same time.

ACO Access Covers can be flexibly installed into any interior or exterior areas. Their installation and handling, as well as their maintenance and cleaning, are easy. Along with this, these covers are double sealed that makes them air and watertight. A wide range of standard types with many options, tailor made production and the possibility of using various floor surfaces make an ACO Access Cover look like an inconspicuous chameleon smartly merging into its background while retaining its full functionality and safety.

ACO Access Covers are innovative and made of high quality materials. Their complete range of covers is fully certified according to European standards and meets all load, safety and functional requirements.

ACO Access Covers range in three materials that are

  •  Made of stainless steel that makes it suitable for application in meat, beverage, chemical or food industry. 
  • Made of galvanized steel which is best suited for residential buildings, as well as for production and storage buildings. 
  • Made of aluminum for demanding applications such as in hotels and hospitals

These covers are completly customisable for every architecture and the reason why K B Ajmera & Co trusts in brand that providing innovation in solutions.