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Underground pipes​

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Underground pipes​

Astral Foamcore pipes are multi-layered pipes made of conventional PVC for the outer and inner layers, and foamed PVC for the middle layer. The outer and inner layers provide strength while the middle foamed layer gives rigidity and maintains the shape of the pipe under load. The material composition of these pipes make them much lighter than solid wall PVC pipes. The unique “I-Beam” structure of the pipe allows it to distribute load more evenly and resist distortion and the foamed PVC layer of Astral Foamcore pipes makes them more resilient to pressure and gives them a longer lifespan.

The most effective product solution for drain and sewer systems in residences, commercial complexes, resorts, hospitals, academic institutes, industries, and more, the Astral Foam core is a uniquely engineered product that supersedes traditional piping systems in many ways.

ISI 16098:1 certified, the load bearing capacity of these pipes make them ideal for underground drainage systems where soil pressure can be high. Other features that make these pipes favourable include: 

  1. Strength and durability 
  2. Wide range and compatibility
  3. Maximum flow rate 
  4. Economical solution to underground and above ground drainage 
  5. Chemical-free, toxin-free, and corrosion-free

Several other features of the Astral Foamcore piping solution include:

  • Being light weight & strong 
  • Having a longer service life 
  • Being a non-conductor of electricity

and lots more…