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Various factors like the usage, space available, temperature of the city, electricity availability and more influence our choice of geysers. Keeping all these in mind and more, Vordosch has come up with a range of water heating solutions that are seen as path breaking in the field.

With several other Vordosch-specific features like the modulation of water temperature from 30 to 60 degrees celsius, the ability to work with hard water, and alternative of a back and bottom inlet or outlet, make these products the absolute best in the market today.

Some of these features include the product being:

  • Compact – Easy to install 
  • Highly efficient – Faster in heating 
  • Developed using the best in technology
The Vordosch tankless heaters also offer a range of other practical advantages including:
  1. These heaters can help you save up to 40% cost of operation by cutting down on electricity use and loss that is inherent with traditional storage geysers.
  2. Developed using strong, robust material that is additionally covered with a protective coating for the inner container to resist corrosion from hard water, these heaters are highly durable 
  3. Only consuming power when in use, these heaters additionally use an extremely efficient process of transfer of electricity to the water in the shower head that allows it to perform to the highest standard of comfort and reliability. 
  4. With the heater placed directly at the source of water as it hits you, these heaters ensure a continuous flow of hot water. Not only is this far more satisfying to use, but it also helps save a lot of water and time wasted between the otherwise fluctuating flow of hot and cold water 
  5. Designed keeping in mind the real estate needs and constraints of today’s day and age, these water heaters are compact, contemporary, and easy to install and maintain 
  6. Several variants in the 1 Phase water heater and 3 Phase water heater, ensure that you get exactly what you need for your space