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ACO Euroline for Podiums

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ACO Euroline for Podiums

Designed specifically for residential and garden use, the ACO Euroline is a product solution that has been built to endure the weight of vehicles. Effectively working to keep rainwater and wastewater away from entrances, pathways, garage forecourts, and terraces, safeguarding the building structures, the improved channel body and locking system makes the entire installation more convenient than any other in the market.

This product solution is ideal for:

  • Porches
  • Pathways
  • Garage vestibules
  • Terraces and more 
  • Vestibules

With the strength to withstand the weight of vehicles on it, the optimized channel body and locking system increase channel life, safety and ease of installation Core features of the Euroline drainage system include:

  1.  A variety of polymer concrete channels 
  2. Free cross section 
  3. A variety of grates designs made from galvanized steel, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, or available in a powder coated finish 
  4. The unique V-profile of the cross section 
  5. Grating lock free of any screws
  6. Modularity, ease of handling, installation, and maintenance 
  7. Load class C250, according DIN EN 1433.

Modular, easy to install and maintain, and most effective at the task it is meant to do, the ACO Euroline offers a hoarde of advantages that might seem too good to be true unless actually used.