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The Mupro support system is a highly engineered, sophisticated product solution that has been designed for convenience, safety, and durability. Ideal for a range of building construction applications and services primarily Plumbing and HVAC, the success of these products can be attributed to various details, most prominently: 

  1. Pre-assembled parts that forego the need for welding, drilling, or hot work on site 
  2. No additional surface treatments like painting are needed (the fittings are available in various finishes like electroplated zinc, hot dip galvanized, powder coated, and more
  3. Optimized RCC drilling or anchoring for multiple services on a single support channel 
  4. Optimized weight of fittings for maximized performance
  5. Slide guide and anchor point calculation with the help of thermal expansion calculation and other tools
  6. Wide range of support systems (clamps, brackets, channels etc) available for various extreme conditions (hot/cold with high vibration with expansion/sliding/requiring insulation/etc.) 
  7. Seismic support solution as per required CODE and STANDARD
  8. Roof top support with wind / snow load calculation as per CODE and standard

In addition, a wide range of software and soft tools are available to help with the correct material selection and other calculations.