Leading Product Solution Provider In Water Management

It is a known fact that we are consuming water faster than we can replenish it.And we believe that technological innovation is the solution.

Pioneers in plumbing and water management, we have, today, become a name synonymous with product solutions in the field, built on the foundation of the strategic application of experience and technical knowhow.

Collaborating with the choicest brands like ACO, Geberit, Astral, and NECO, amongst others, our holistic approach, foresight, and ability to view the water management system at both, micro and macro levels, is what allows us to deliver preventive solutions that are future-ready and customized to stand the test of time, whatever your application may be.

In summation, at K.B. Ajmera & Co. we proudly carry forward a legacy of four generations with an aim to continue learning, growing, and sharing our expertise, for generations to come.

Our core expertise lies in the areas of


With the world projected to run out of water in just the next few decades, we are fully aware of the problems related to the increasing demand falling on the limited availability of this vital natural resource. With that in mind, all the product solutions offered by us are designed keeping the most efficient use of water from sourcing to supply, drainage, recycling, and more.

This helps us ensure that our water management solutions deliver and maintain water to its optimum capacity. Because of our solutions-driven processes, we are able to approach and cater to both, the micro and macro scale picture when it comes to delivering ecological solutions related to plumbing and water management.


Surviving in an ecosystem that had been designed for an era that has long gone by, we are living in a time where, making use of every inch of space is beyond a necessity. It is imperative that we upgrade our functionalities to match the physical availability, budget requirements, and psychological progressions to match the lifestyle and mindsets of the 21st century.

This means providing sophisticated, flexible, and extremely efficient system solutions that are highly space-saving in nature, including planning and installing units that cut down on separate ventilation pipes, using pipelines that demand smaller dimensions, and similar solutions designed on basis of the specifications of the space.


On an average, every human being today is using about 165 liters of water on a daily basis. This multiplied by the population of a country like India along with industrial use, commercial use, and fallacies in the system result to massive volumes of water both used, and lost, every single day. While this strain is already putting huge demands on our available resources, the fact that groundwater tables are also receding, puts us, as a species, in a tight spot.

In other words, it is of utmost criticality that we do what we can in order to use what we have to its maximum capacity. This is where we come in with extremely efficient rainwater harvesting systems designed with fewer pipes and installations, yet maximized performance. Traditionally part of roof drainage systems amongst others, these solutions come with compact, ergonomic details that result in simpler planning, calculation and naturally, the best results.