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ACO Grease Separator for Commerical Kitchen’s

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ACO Grease Separator for Commerical Kitchen’s

The grease separators we provide come in a range of setups including:

  • A free standing above the ground unit: LipuMobilin
  • A below the ground unit: LipuJet
  • Above the ground unit: LiupuSmart

Grease separators are typically used in areas where there is considerable discharge of fats, oils, and grease into the drainage system. This includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Kitchens
  • Fast-food stalls
  • Mobile Food Courts 

and many more…

The LipuSmart does three functions with one device:

  1. Grease Separation 
  2. Sampling
  3. Lifting station

These units come:

  • Complete with the latest in technology like pressure sensors that monitor the level of the separator and lifting plant, a control unit that analyses both sensors.
  • The devices work in the smartest, most accurate and effective manner to interact with users via precise triggers and displays.
  • They are lightweight, compact, and easy to install and maintain 
  • Special care has been taken to ensure the units remain odourproof and more