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ACO Kerbdrain

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ACO Kerbdrain

ACO KerbDrain conforms to DIN 19580 Load Class D400 and is available as both ACO KerbDrain Kapacity 480 (in standard 480mm depth) and ACO KerbDrain Kompact 305 (in shallow 305mm depth) units to meet an even wider range of applications.

A linear kerb and drainage unit made from a single piece of resin concrete, the ACO KerbDrain is a versatile product solution developed specifically for the urban landscape that includes applications like:

  1. Major and minor highways
  2. Car parks
  3. Public and private roads 
  4. Distribution yards 
  5. Industrial estates 
  6. Railways 
  7. Airports and docks 
  8. Petrol filling stations 
  9. Residential developments

and more…

Along with being lightweight, easy to handle, install and maintain, and cost effective, the KerbDrain has also been mindfully engineered for the following properties that make it the best in the field:

  1.  Impact resistance 50% higher than OPC kerb units
  2. Manufactured from sustainable materials 
  3. Certified for all highways applications 
  4. Full range of problem solving components for all sizes 
  5. Capacity choices that optimize hydraulic performance 
  6. And being SUDS compliant

Additionally, the system gains from a wide variety of supplementary and issue-solving elements, such as perforated and flush centre stones, drop kerbs, radius and mitered units, internal angles, quadrants, and bus stop units.