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ACO PP Channels

The latest in channel drainage design, the ACO PP Channels have been engineered for superlative strength, quality, and cost-effectiveness than any other product available in the market today.

Most effective for the removal of surface water from a range of applications including, but not limited to commercial spaces, these units have successfully been installed in:

  1. On public and private roads
  2. Parking areas 
  3. Railways
  4. Residential complexes

And more…

The composite drainage channel, manufactured from recycled PP, is available in a range of dimensions and can withstand heavy loads up to class D400. However, there are several other details in the two variants ACO Xtradrain and ACO Hexadrain that make them so unique and favourable for the job. Some of these include:


  1. Detailed tongue and groove connections at the end of channels with an audible click on locking
  2. Smooth V-Profile of the channel to facilitate the flow of water and self-cleansing properties 
  3. Lateral mouldings for corner, T, and cross connections 
  4. Different composite grating designs
  5. Guide marks for cutting into sections


  1. Outlet connectors plug for simple connections
  2.  Easy fit end cap for both male and female connections 
  3. Clip channels for easy and simple on-site fabrication
  4. Hexagonal columns for strength 
  5. Choice of eight vertical outlet positions on every channel

and lots more

Please reach out to us for technical specifications or to see how this system can work on your premise to give you the best water drainage solution