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Lifting Station

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Lifting Station

Designed specifically for use when grease separators or other systems are installed below backflow levels, a lifting system is a solution that pumps the wastewater to direct it to the drainage or sewerage system.

Manufactured from plastic or stainless steel, the ACO Lifting stations offer product solutions that can overcome a height difference of up to 20 meters. Ideal for independent homes and bungalows with utility items like washing machines, shower cubicles, or toilets in the basement area, buildings with multiple occupants, commercial complexes, and industrial applications, these pumps have been used to work with:

  1. Gray fecal-free matter 
  2. Black wastewater 
  3. Oil and grease separators

Other specifications include: 

  • Pressure line connection as per EN ISO 15493
  • Degree of protection: IP67 
  • Pressure pipe connection according to EN ISO 15493 made of PVC-U; 50-40-R 1¼” 
  • Fully functional wastewater lift as per DIN EN 12050-1

Tested and certified to international standards, the ACO Lifting stations are compliant with:

  • EN 12050-1 Testing
  • EN 12050-1 Testing 
  • DIN EN 12050-2 Testing
  • DIN EN 12050-2 Testing

With a range of associated components, free-standing and underfloor installation options, and even a wall mounted option in the transfer of waste water containing feces, this comprehensive wastewater lifting solution is all you need for an effective, safe, and clean solution in even the most complicated of applications.