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Geberit Mapress

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Geberit Mapress (Stainless Steel Pipes)

Various advantages offered by the Mapress include, and are not limited to:

  1. The pressing jaw guide offers safety with exact indicators for crimping 
  2. The components are designed to prevent slippage and water leakage
  3. The sockets are sealed with a plug that protects them from dust and other components on a construction site. The socket and seals are colour coded for quick identification and can manually be removed during installation 
  4. The seal ring indicates any leakage during the pressure test to safeguard from long term damage
  5. Smooth surface and weld seams treated with certain mechanical finishes and thermal treatment allow for a longer life span of the overall solution

Various other factors like installation, maintenance, ease of use, repair, testing, and more come into the picture across the life cycle of a product and the solution it offers.

Available in a wide range of dimensions with additional necessary fittings, this water supply solution is one of the safest, most reliable, and most effective in the market today.

Presenting an all-round solution, the Geberit Mapress water supply system offers a wide range of utilities across diverse mediums.