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Slotted Channel System

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Replacing bulky, disruptive, and often, not extremely aesthetic gratings, the V100S and V150S Aco Drain slotted channel systems are transformative to the form and function of a space.

This slotted channel system is perfect for:

  1. Drainage facadesPiazzas 2
  2. Roadside surface drainage 
  3. Standard Paths, pavements or stone slabs 
  4. Spaces where there are transitions between two surfaces 
  5. Aesthetically sophisticated surfaces where both, form and function are equally important

Designed as an ideal, modular product solution that is relevant to a range of applications, this system offers a set of unique advantages such as:

  1.  Being available in a range of materials and finishes including polymer concrete or plastic 
  2. Working out as a systems solution in combination with other products like the ACO Multiline, XtraDrain, and more 
  3. Boasting of a technologically innovative design 
  4. Enhancing the discharge of water directly into the channel via a uniquely designed angle that prevents water molecules to stick on to the surface
  5. Hosting connectors that optimize alighning slots when laid on the channel

Along with these, the channel system also:

  1. Offers a sleek, clean, compact design solution along pavements 
  2. Is easy to clean and maintain with high pressure washers
  3. Is driven by precise hydraulics, the access openings facilitate the maintenance process