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Aco Grease Separator

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Aco Grease Separator (Eco Mobile)

The grease separators we provide come in a range of setups including:

  • A free standing above the ground unit: LipuMobilin 
  • A below the ground unit: LipuJet 
  • Above the ground unit: LiupuSmart

Grease separators are typically used in areas where there is considerable discharge of fats, oils, and grease into the drainage system. This includes:

  •  Restaurants
  • Kitchens
  • Fast-food stalls
  • Mobile Food Courts
  • Petrol Pumps

and many more…

The LipuSmart does three functions with one device:

  1. Grease Separation 
  2. Sampling
  3. Lifting station

These units come: 

  • Complete with the latest in technology like pressure sensors that monitor the level of the separator and lifting plant, a control unit that analyses both sensors. 
  • The devices work in the smartest, most accurate and effective manner to interact with users via precise triggers and displays.
  • They are lightweight, compact, and easy to install and maintain
  • Special care has been taken to ensure the units remain odourproof and more

On the whole, the device works on preventive measures, to ensure smooth movement of waste matter through the entire drainage ecosystem.