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While we now understand that Rainwater Harvesting is more than just storing water. Let us now dive into the solutions and products that help us achieve the goal correctly.

KB Ajmera along with ACO, work to deliver a unique ‘Surface Water Management Cycle’ that helps you in these 4 integral stages:

  1. Collect – Maximize the collection of rainwater 
  2. Clean – Clean by the way of sedimentation and separation of oil from the surface water
  3. Hold – Ensure safe holding of the clean water until needed 
  4. Release – Effective release for optimum usage of this water

This working principle, the core idea behind many of the product solutions developed by ACO, has been responsible for successful water management solutions deployed in various areas of functioning including:

  1. Rainwater Harvesting 
  2. Effective water drainage systems 
  3. Seamless water supply systems And a lot more.

Some of the areas of application that have benefitted from the four-fold method also include:

  • Landscaped areas with no vehicles or with mowers 
  • Parking lots, Driveways, and Pedestrian areas
  • Gardens – Airports 
  • Distribution Yards
  • Highways
  • Industrial Estates 
  • Ports and Docks 
  • Retail Developments 
  • And other areas with high ground water content

Understanding water management from this macro and micro perspective has helped us at KB Ajmera to contribute towards preserving this rapidly depleting natural resource.