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NECO Recess Covers

Manhole covers are most often focused on functionality and not form. However, with a range of manhole and recess covers by NECO, we ensure that you get the best of both, and a whole lot more.

– As per Standards EN 124, the classification of load bearing and its applications are as follows:

A15 : Pedestrian areas

B125 : Car load

C250 : Truck Load

D400 : Fire Tender

E600 : Container Load

F900 : Aircraft Load

We recommend the detailed design of NECO’s Ductile Manhole Covers in place of the traditionally used Cast iron, FRP or Concrete ones because:

  • These covers offer excellent resistance to sudden high impact situations with a tensile strength of 500N/mm2, ensuring they do not fracture or break easily
  • Hinged installations prevent displacement of any sort and prevents theft of manhole covers
  • Negligible thermal impact 
  • Detailed to provide an anti-skid chequered finish that also leads to a pleasing aesthetic 
  • Availability in a range of types, sizes, and seals


NECO Ductile iron covers prove to be a long term solution:

  • Due to their hinge able covers they provide easy access to the below the ground services
  • They come in double seal covers as they are water and air tight

This gives a whole new dimension to the way we look at Manhole Covers.