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Green & Blue Roof Cells

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Green & Blue Roof Cells

ACO RoofBloxx is a patented roof drainage system for blue, green, and blue/green roofs that allows architects to design multi-functional open green spaces

It includes a shallow, high-strength storage void and flow control system, and is compatible with ACO roof outlets, downpipes, and surface water drainage systems. When used with the ACO Blue Roof Flow

Technically designed by the in-house team at ACO, key features of this system include:

  1. The ability to install an independent tank on any new or existing flat roof
  2. Installation on warm, inverted, or uninsulated roofs 
  3. A modular PP construction 
  4. Stackable geocellular units (in 40mm increments) 
  5. Three unit sizes (85mm, 125mm and 165mm depth) 
  6. Interlocking units in any orientation
  7. Internal void ratio of 90% 
  8. Top surface void ratio of 53% 
  9. The ability to work with vertical, and 45 and 90 degree roof outlets

Along with efficiency in functioning, these features also offer a range of unique benefits that contribute to its success.

  • Along with modularity and flexibility of design and application, this system is 100% recyclable
  • Offers adjustable storage depth 
  • Is strong, durable, and comes with a range of load-bearing capacities 
  • Eliminating the need for shear connectors makes it even easier to handle, install, and maintain.

On the whole, the system, also available with free technical design support from ACO, is ideal for all forms of roof attenuation needs.