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Double wall corrugated pipes​

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Double wall corrugated pipes​

A cost-effective, efficient, and long-term solution to underground drainage systems, the Astral D-Rex is one of our bestselling products for a variety of reasons.

  1.  These pipes are uniquely engineered with a smooth internal surface for uninterrupted flow of sewage and a corrugated external surface that provides excellent load-bearing abilities so that they don’t, unlike conventional pipes, deform under the extreme weight like vehicular traffic
  2. The pipes are moderately flexible and can take the form of gradually bending paths more easily 
  3. Certified with IS: 16098 )Part-2), ISO: 21138 (Part-3), and BS EN 13476 (Part-3), over 900,000 M of these pipes have already been used in over 25,00,000 M projects including the majority of Government and Private organizations for Sewerage applications 
  4. A state-of-the-art reverse engineering process with German Technology ensures quality at every single stage of manufacturing, after which, the pipes undergo strict QCs to confirm the same before they are sent out to market
  5. A wide range of availability makes these pipes easy to use in a wide range of applications

Along with these features, the pipes are easy to handle, install, and maintain, in a series of applications including: 

  1. Sewerage and Drainage
  2. Subsurface drainage 
  3. Culvert & Highway drainage
  4. Effluent / Wastewater transport
  5. Rainwater Collection
  6. Stormwater Drainage

With an additional training module available for those who are going to be working with these pipes, we ensure maximum efficiency and the elongated lifespan of the overall system in the long run.