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ACO Monoblock Channels

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ACO Monoblock Channels

A sturdy, stable, long-lasting solution to water drainage channels in areas with heavy traffic at almost any given point of time, the ACO Monoblock is a testament to modern day engineering.

Made of a unique monolithic polymer concrete structure, this product solution is most effectively used in:

  1. Airports 
  2. Motorways
  3. Racing tracks 
  4. Logistics yards

And other areas with dynamic ranges of traffic

The success of this product solution can be attributed to its inherent qualities that include:

  1. The material and form engineering with no grids 
  2. Sealed system in accordance with UNI EN 1433 
  3. Guaranteed up to load class F 900 according to UNI EN 1433 
  4. Excellent load bearing capacity 
  5. Resistance to chemicals and corrosion
  6. Unique ‘v’ section channel that facilitates the flow of water and is also responsible for self-cleaning capabilities 
  7. A GJS cast iron frame and grate fixed without any screws with an inspection element and manhole

Other features like various options for connections, invert channels, easy installation method, and negligible maintenance, all make this linear drainage system the first choice when it comes to the specific applications mentioned above.