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While speaking of real estate with anybody, most conversations steer in the direction of budget and finance. However, as an integral part of the construction industry, we know that the biggest struggle is to be able to provide enough space to accommodate the lives and lifestyles of this generation and the next. That is where technology and design come in.

An innovative combination of the two is the Geberit single stack Super Tube – A product solution that relies on highly sophisticated fittings that have been designed to combine the jobs of ventilation and drainage by creating a continuous flow of air in the discharge pipe, thereby contributing largely to saving space, especially when calculated for high rises.

Other key features of this product solution include:

  • Combining the need for 3 toilet stacks to one 
  • A fusion welded joint system that makes it leakproof, strong, and durable 
  • Design that facilitates the optimum, unrestricted flow of air and water
  • Elimination of the need for a slope in horizontally laid pipes up to 6 meters

How it works: This optimized hydraulic system uses a set of unique fittings that channelize the flow of air and water through the pipelines with efficiency and ease. The trademark backward bend of this system sets water in a rotary motion that guides it forward in a manner that allows inflowing water from inlets along the way to join in without any blockage.

The air column is retained and unrestricted by this flow of water that is, via a bottom turn bend, channelized to flow into a horizontal pipe in layers at the point of change in orientation. It gives the water the momentum to flow through, entering the vertical pipe again with the same backward bend, without the pipe needing a slope or relying on the force of gravity to push it forward as is the case with conventional systems.

In addition, the Geberit Super Tube technology solution also works under immense pressure, in extreme weather conditions, with smaller ducts, and has been hydraulically optimized for greater efficiency.