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Rainwater Harvesting ACO Stormbrixx

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Versatile, modular, and convenient in every sense of the word, ACO StormBrixx is an innovative and patented plastic stormwater management system that consists of geocellular units specifically designed for the detention, retention, infiltration, and reuse of surface water.

It can be employed in various construction settings, either as a standalone solution or as an integral component of a Sustainable Drainage System. These applications cover:

  • Landscaped areas with no vehicles or with mowers 
  • Parking lots, Driveways, and Pedestrian areas
  • Gardens
  • Airports
  • Distribution Yards 
  • Highways
  • Industrial Estates 
  • Ports and Docks 
  • Retail Developments 
  • And other areas with high ground water content

Several reasons why this is one of our most strongly recommended products for stormwater management:

  • Extraordinary stability, including brick bonding 
  • Patented brick bonding and cross bonding feature for strong, long-term installation and improved construction speed
  • Certified performance with high-frequency series production testing surpassing standards 
  • High void ratios to minimize excavation volume 
  • Low carbon footprint due to recyclable material and logistical benefits
  • Remote and man access for easy maintenance
  • Stackable design for reduced transportation costs 
  • Configurable to minimize silt accumulation
  • Added low flow and drain down facility for proper system maintenance throughout its lifespan

Truly built for convenience, several other details of this product solution make it a most efficient and hassle-free experience.