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Astral Drain Pro for, as the name suggests, drainage solutions. Used for a variety of applications like the draining out of sewage, hot water, and chemicals, this advanced solution has been engineered for the conditions of today, with various standardizations including BS EN 1451, EN 12056, DIN 1986-100, EN 14366, DIN 4109, VDI 4100, DIN EN 13501-1, DIN 4102-1, DIN EN 13823. Along with the same material engineering as the Astral Silencio pipes (shared in the previous post), some of the other features that makes these PP pipes the go to choice as opposed to PVC pipes include:

  • •Greater flexibility and strength 
  • With the capacity to take 2 times the impact that PVC swr pipes can take
  • Stronger resistance to chemicals (ph2 – ph12) as opposed to PVC pipes
  • Safer, more environment friendly due to its material composition, efficiency levels, and increased lifespan 
  • Excellent sound insulation properties as compared to PVC pipes
  • The ability to withstand temperatures as high as 90 degrees for long term flow and 95 degrees for short term flow of water without any impact on them as opposed to PVC pipes that can take up to 60 degrees with the same functionality 
  • Suitable for suspended application in various commercial, residential, and industrial scenarios as opposed to PVC pipes that are unsuitable for suspended application and are ideal only for regular drainage

In addition, the design of angular rotation for better alignment, a unique door with an inner cap that allows for smooth and uninterrupted flow, external ribbing for strength, rubber rings for an airtight seal, a depth gauge and swept angle that facilitates the smooth and quiet flow, all make them the ideal choice with no other product to match its like in the Indian market at the moment. Quick and easy push fit installation and availability of these pipes, in a very wide range of sizes ranging from diameters of 5 cms up to 16 cm along with a comprehensive range of fittings.