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Astral PVC

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A PVC pressure piping system used in a range of industries including agriculture, irrigation, water supply, firefighting, swimming pools, industrial process lines, and more, the Astral Aquasafe is a product engineered to precise specifications, compliant with IS 4985.

Available in a range of sizes that make the piping solution flexible for a mixed availability of space, other benefits of using the Astral Aquasafe include:

  1. Ease of handling, logistics, and installation
  2. Chemical resistance 
  3. Non-conductive properties 
  4. A design for better flow of water
  5. Leak-proof joint systems 
  6. High strength, durability, and lifeline 
  7. UV Stabilized solution

Also safe for potable water transportation, these pipes have been used in the drainage of residential complexes and commercial buildings, alike. Complete with a set of fittings manufactured as per IS7834 standards, the entire system undergoes stringent quality checks at every level to ensure maximum dimensional accuracy and optimum functionality.

This product solution has beaten traditional pipes by a huge margin, and continue to do so with further innovation.