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Used for a variety of reasons, the Astral Aquarius, a UPVC piping system has been known most popularly for its hygienic properties.

This makes it fit for us in a wide range of applications covering: 

  • Ring lines/down take lines • Swimming pools
  • Pipes for hand pumps 
  • Salt water lines
  • Sugar and paper industries 
  • Industrial process lines 
  • Aggressive / corrosive fluid transportation 
  • Coal washing and ash handling

Certified with SCH 40: As per ASTM D1785, D2466 and SCH 80: As per ASTM D1785, D2467, the non-toxic, lead-free characteristics of these pipes makes them safe for drinking water. Other benefits of this piping system include:

  1.  A one-step solvent cement composition that is NSF approved, specifically designed for use with this system 
  2. A solvent joint plumbing system with a pressure-bearing capacity that is twice as strong as that of a threaded pipe
  3. A range of sizes, fittings, and adhesives that ensure complete control over quality and performance of the product
  4. The strength and lightweight nature of these pipes result in easy logistics, handling, installation, and maintenance of the piping solution
  5. The pipes are UV stabilized, chemical resistant, and designed for durability

In addition, the simple design for maximum flow of water, and cost-effectiveness of these pipes in the long run, make them an ideal product solution in themselves.